Emily took her 1st Bikram Hot Yoga class in 1999, and she was hooked. She loved the way it made her feel after every class, mentally and physically. She is dedicated to her practice, which includes Power Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Sculpt.She enjoys teaching to all levels of students, and not just hot! She is a motivated yoga instructor with advanced training in proper breathing techniques, modifications and safe alignment. She enjoys encouraging others to improve wellness and fitness for long-term health.She received her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance certificate through Open Up Yoga Teacher Training, and also completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Ashram Yoga. During her training, she expanded her knowledge of the spiritual and meditative aspects of yoga. In addition, she completed Street Yoga training, which teaches youth mindfulness by providing access to tools that help develop self-control and a positive self-image, and is certified to teach the Pretzel Yoga Kid’s curriculum. OTHER INFORMATION:Emily has a passion for fitness, so you might find her at the gym in a cardio class when she’s not in a hot yoga studio. She also spends time with her family, taxi’s her daughter to ice skating lessons, and has a real estate license, so she might be helping her clients buy and sell homes.







Born in Wales, but raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lauren is thrilled to be able to share her passion for practicing yoga with the people in her community.
Yoga has been a part of Lauren’s life for over 15 years, and she cannot think of any place more comforting than a yoga studio. After taking some time away from a dedicated practice, she fell in love with yoga all over again due to its incredible and unique combination of challenging the body and calming the mind.
Lauren is proud to have completed her 200 hour Inclusive Vinyasa Teacher Training Program with Northwest Yoga Society. Lauren likes to weave both playfulness and inspiration throughout her classes, and hopes that her students will leave class feeling refreshed, comforted, connected, and empowered. She will always consider herself to be a student first, and is grateful for the wisdom that her teachers have shared with her.
In addition to yoga, Lauren is a huge fan of nerding out about dinosaurs, watching videos of baby hippos, and eating spicy vegan food. When she is not on her mat, she can be found helping people find their dream homes, adventuring in the PNW wilderness, or relaxing with her cat, Nona.


Mandy has been teaching empowering, inclusive, all-levels yoga since 2013. Her goal is for every human who walks into her class to be able to enjoy a non-competitive experience that supports progression, introspection & love. Her classes are creative, well-balanced and life-affirming. She teaches with passion, because she firmly believes that movement, anatomical & philosophical education can transform our lives for the better, helping us to live with greater health and joy.

She teaches Prenatal, Hatha, Yin, Vinaysa and Myofascial Release (cupping, too!), and leads Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Trainings. Besides her love of yoga, she is an animal & nature-lover, a student massage therapist & an avid veggie gardener.




Originally from Costa Rica, Monica began practicing yoga when she first moved to Washington 14 years ago. She worked as a Fitness Instructor for a few years before she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Baptist Yoga Inspired) with Lisa black at Shakti Vinyasa Yoga in Seattle. Immediately she realized yoga was her path. This powerful experience of her first year of teaching inspired her to learn more about different styles of yoga. In 2015 she completed training in Power Yoga with Bryan Kest. This particular training influences and informs her teaching methods and philosophy to this day. It results in a strong and mindful yoga instruction focused on the breath and on body awareness.  During 2015, she completed Yin Yoga Teacher training with Pamela Chang. Learning this restorative yoga style significantly evolved her personal practice and this would become one of her favorite disciplines to teach. Monica completed her 500-hour Teacher Training in 2017 at Twist Yoga, where she trained in Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga & Ayurveda among other yoga disciplines.

After teaching for a few years it became clear that she wanted to direct her energy and will into serving others. In researching the various ways this might be accomplished with yoga, she discovered the Veterans Yoga Project. Learning more about it compelled her to commit to helping this specific group of people who have done so much for all peoples of our country. Monica trained in Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery with the Veterans Yoga Project. She joined and was promoted within the Veterans Yoga Project organization to her current position as Pacific Northwest Regional Director.  In addition, she maintains her direct involvement with affected veterans through her regular volunteer instruction which is specifically tailored for all the deserving Veterans suffering with PTS at the Everett Veterans Center. 

She believes all interested people should have the opportunity to learn the yoga way which leads to self-empowerment, deep awareness of self and others, loving regard for self and others; and to gift their body, mind and spirit all the benefits that the regular practice of yoga can bring.

Monica approaches this endeavor first and foremost from a place of humbleness. Her mind, body and spirit are open in her journey.  She seeks to learn and share new ways and methods of teaching with all around her for the singular objective of helping others discover their path to inner peace.  Her greatest joy is the reward of seeing her students fall in love with their practice and witnessing the remarkable life affirming changes people experience through this process.



Shelley took her first hot yoga class a few handfuls of years ago at the nudging of a close friend. At that time, her life was in the midst of a lot of change and it was just the sort of reset she was needing. After sweating out all of her problems, anxiety’s and fears, having that mat holding her up in final savasana, something happened. Something just clicked. She left with a renewed sense of self, and an inner peace and calm she had been lacking. She noticed beautiful glowy skin, and a buzz light year energy she had never before experienced. Having never really worked out before, this practice was a match made in heaven. It’s a physical AND a spiritual practice. There is a renewing of how we see ourselves and how to be cognizant of how we interact with others. Leaving everyone, and everything better than before. Yoga is a great centering workout full of balance and meditation. How can you go wrong? Short answer, you can’t.

Not long after, life began to change. She met her now husband, they got married and then she decided she wanted to share this gift of Yoga with others. She began her 200 hr teacher training right after her wedding, and has since been sharing the practice with everyone who will listen.


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